——— Reef-ready Aquarium  ———

  • |  Marina

FireAQUA MARINA range is a cost effective medium reef-ready aquarium for marine and coral hobbyist. Available in 3 models with 143L, 183L and 253L total system volume.

REEF Range
  • |  REEF Range

FireAQUA REEF range is a large reef-ready aquarium for advanced hobbyist DIY. Available in 3 models with 281L, 401L and 508L total system volume.

Reef PRO Range
  • |  Reef PRO Range

The brand new FireAQUA Reef PRO range is an extra-large reef-ready aquarium for master hobbyists and DIY lovers. Available in 3 models with 624L, 727L and 870L total system volume, and in width of 650mm and in length of 1,258, 1,498 and 1,820mm..