The brand new FireAQUA extra-large reef-ready aquarium for master hobbyists and DIY lovers. Available in 3 models with 644L, 704L and 863L total system volume, and in width of 650mm and in length of 1,386, 1,536 and 1,836mm.

  • What's Included

    ·Ultra-clear Display Tank            ·Plumbings, with Return Manifold

    ·Reef PRO In-cabinet Sump       ·Filter Bags & EVA Mat

  • What's Optional

    ·Water-proof Cabinet         ·Reef PRO Equipment Kit

    (*Check with your country distributor)

Technical Highlights

  • Super-thick ultra-clear PPG glass for all viewing panels;
  • Open top design with black glass overflow and noise-proof cover;
    • Professional Dual-return System:
    • •Double pumping to reduce pump failure risk
    • •3 x directional outlets for better streaming
    • •1 x movable baffle plate for pump water level adjustment
    • Main drain with diaphragm gate valve for accurate flow adjustment;
    • Silent down flow design with emergency overflow protection;
    • EVA tank mat pre-installed for both display tank and sump.
      • Unique FireAQUA Reef PRO in-cabinet sump:
      • •2 x Filter bags                    •1 x large pump compartment for 2 pumps
      • •1 x 20L ATO reservoir        •1 x Skimmer chamber
      • •1 x Biological chamber       •1 x Refugium chamber with Removable Panel, inter-changeable to a super-large Skimmer Chamber